How do I import contacts?

At the beginning of each academic year, you may have a large amount of new contact information to add to the system. In that case, importing a properly formatted CSV file may be the fastest method to get the data into SchoolInsight.

Each contact is linked to a student. Each row of the file should begin with identifying student information, and the following columns can contain information for one or more contacts connected to that student. The student information must match exactly what is already in the system; otherwise you may create a new student or accidentally change student details. See the attached template for an example of how to format the CSV file.

Students can be identified by their name and grade level or one of several identifying numbers (Student Number, State Number, Internal Student ID, External ID). The best way to make sure you won’t add any new students is to export current student information using a Custom Report. You can paste this information into the attached template before adding contact information. The template includes a space for Student Number, but you can replace this with one of the other identifying numbers.

To import contacts, download the attached template, fill in the information, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Import/Export > Import Students/Contacts
  2. Choose File and select a Delimiter. If using the template, select “Comma Delimited (CSV) with no surrounding quotes”
  3. Upload
  4. Choose the correct Academic Year
  5. Match columns in your CSV file to Fields Shown in SchoolInsight.

    • When entering contact information, only map fields for the first contact. For example, if columns D-G from the file include the information for Contact #1 and columns H-K include the information for Contact #2, leave columns H-K blank.
  6. In the Options section, decide how to match students, which data to preview, if you want to save the mapping template for future use, and how to handle existing contacts who need to be updated
  7. Preview the information you are adding to ensure that it is correct
  8. Submit
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