How do I change a student's serving school or home school?

Schools that do state reporting through SchoolInsight may need to change a student’s home/resident school or serving/attending school. A home school indicates where students reside and typically reports attendance. A serving school provides services to the student and is usually where the student actually attends classes. A student may have multiple serving schools if, for example, she takes half her classes at one school and half her classes at another school.

Every change in home school or serving school should be treated as a new enrollment, whether it is a partial or full enrollment change. The student must be exited from the current enrollment and then given one or more new enrollments.

Before you can select an external school, you must create that school. See How do I create an external school? for instructions.

To enroll a student in a new home or serving school:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Students - Single View
  2. Search for the student
  3. Edit Student
  4. In the Enrollment Details section, enter an Exit Description/Date
  5. Use the blue_plus.PNG to create one or more new enrollments
  6. Enter the Entry Description/Date, Home or Resident school, Serving or Attending school, and other relevant options
  7. Save
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