How is chronic absenteeism calculated for MOSIS June Cycle Enrollment/Attendance?

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires the reporting of attendance in the MOSIS June Cycle Student Enrollment/Attendance report. This information is reported in a data field named Chronic Absenteeism. The chronic absenteeism value is a count of the number of days that a student has been absent for more than 50% of the of the school day.

SchoolInsight automatically calculates the chronic absenteeism value and includes it in the June Cycle report. You may wish to manually calculate a student’s chronic absenteeism to understand the data that is being submitted to MOSIS.

To calculate a student’s chronic absenteeism value:

  1. Admin Main > Student Single View > search for a student
  2. Attendance tab
  3. Check Hide Present Entriesattendance.PNG
  4. Count the number of days where the Hours Present is less than the 50% Hours Enrolled for that day. 

Note that in the above screenshot, the student’s chronic absenteeism value is 8. This is because there are 8 days that the hours present value is less than 50% of the hours enrolled.  Additionally, 10/2/2018 is excluded from the chronic absenteeism count because the hours present is greater than 3.5 or 50% of hours enrolled.

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