How do I search and copy learning targets samples in TeacherEase?

TeacherEase has created a searchable database of learning targets used by our customers. This database works great for schools and teachers who are new to standards-based grading who need a jumping-off point to create learning targets appropriate for their own classes.

To search for and copy sample learning targets:

  1. Go to Main > Tools > My Committees
    • or (School District) Admin Main > Courses > Course - Single View
    • or SBL Main > Course - Single View
  2. Find the course and select the Learning Targets tab or choose to View learning targets
  3. SBL Search or Search
  4. Set your options
    • Filter by, Subject, Grade Level, and/or Standard
    • Limit results to my district will return results from other teachers in your district
  5. Search
  6. You will see a list of results on the left-hand side of the page. Clicking the result will bring up the complete list of learning targets in the right-hand panel. Once you have found a set you wish to use, click Copy.
  7. Select the learning targets from that set that you wish to copy
  8. Use the filters to find and select the SBL Group(s) or course(s) that should use these Learning Targets
  9. Copy

You can also click the heart button to distinguish your preferred sets of learning targets. Learning targets with more “favorites” will appear higher in the search results list, helping other users easily find high-quality learning targets.

To run another search, click Search Again and change your filters.

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