How do I set SBL Sharing Options?

TeacherEase districts/schools have created considerable standards-based learning (SBL) content that could benefit the entire community. To help educators learn from each other, we've added search functionality to allow users to browse other districts' work. This information includes district- and course- level information developed to support SBL: learning targets, rubrics, grading scales, and report card templates.

We take privacy very seriously, so the only accessible information is non-confidential in nature. Sharing will NEVER include student data or other private/confidential information. For instance, learning targets are available through search and are not typically private. They are typically available on the district website, reprinted on report cards, and are available to all parents on the portal. In the unlikely situation that you feel that your district's SBL information is confidential, or feel uncomfortable sharing, this page allows you to control sharing settings, and opt out from sharing your district's content.

To opt out of sharing standards-based learning content:

  1. Go to School District Admin Main > Options > SBL Sharing.
  2. Edit SBL Sharing Options
  3. Uncheck the checkbox Share Learning Targets?
  4. Submit
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