How do I run progress reports?

Progress reports allow instructors and admins to create a customizable printout of student gradebook and class information to be handed out during parent-teacher conferences or to parents without internet access. Instructors can generate progress reports for students in their classes or in a group, whereas admins can generate reports for the entire school by grade level, homeroom, or group. In both cases, progress reports include traditional or standards-based assignments and scores in addition to attendance data and behavior logs.

To generate progress reports:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Reports > Progress Report or Admin Main > Reports > Progress Report
  2. Choose a Grading Period
  3. The Classes to include filter limits which students’ progress reports will be printed.
  4. Select which Students to generate reports for. This field has a list of all active students in the chosen Classes to include. Checking the box to “Show inactive students” will add students who have already exited the class to the list of possible students.
  5. To generate the actual progress report choose “Printable Page” in the Where shown? Field. Users may also generate envelopes or mailing labels with student/contact information. This section also allows users to:
    • Show a parent signature line if parents must sign and return the progress report.
    • Start each page on a new section. This means that the Summary, Missing Work, Class Details, Attendance, etc. sections will each appear on a separate page, creating a multi-page progress report for each student.
  6. Users may add an additional filter to Show only students with {traditional/standard} grades at or below a certain grade
  7. Add a Title and (if an admin) a Message that will be displayed at the top of all progress reports
  8. Choose which information to show on the progress report
  9. Select Traditional Grade Options (for classes using a traditional grading scale) and Learning Targets to Show (for classes using a standards-based grading scale).


Comments on the Progress Report

There are two types of comments that can appear on the progress report. Progress Report Comments can be independently toggled on or off. Assignment Comments are always included when displaying class details.

  1. Progress Report Comments

Progress Report Comments are general observations about student performance in a class. There is one space for comments per student per grading period. They can be entered on Scores/Comments or Standards-based Scores page by clicking the blue “Comments” button beneath the gradebook.

  1. Assignment Comments

Assignment Comments are for observations on individual assignments. Every assignment can have its own comment. TeacherEase offers a list of pre-written comments to choose from (“Excellent work!”, “Needs More Effort”, etc.), or the instructor can write their own comment. Assignment comments can be entered on the Enter Scores / Comments by Assignment page or by using the dropdown menu that appears after selecting a square on the gradebook grid.


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