How do I set up parent access to TeacherEase?

Parents and contacts can log in to TeacherEase to view a student’s assignments and grades, communicate with teachers, pay fees, and much more. Adding access for parents to TeacherEase is a three-step process. First, admins need to set up parent information access permissions, which determines what type of information parents will have access to. Second, contact information is added. To get access to the Parent Portal, a person must be added as a contact to the student and have Web/Records Access permission. Third, the administration or an instructor can then send the parent a welcome email, inviting them to log in and set up a password.

Parent Information Access Settings

Before inviting parents to log in, admins should take care to examine the settings that control what information parents can access.

To view and change the information that parents can access:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Options > Parent Information Access
  2. Edit Parent Information Access
  3. Check or uncheck boxes to indicate which information parents should be able to view
  4. Save

Adding Contacts and Email Addresses

If a parent wishes to view their child’s information on TeacherEase, the parent must have an email address and must be added as a contact for that student. See How Do I Add A Contact To A Student? for instructions.

Sending Welcome Emails

Once parent email addresses have been added to TeacherEase, the parents can receive a welcome email inviting them to log in. There are several ways to send or resend a welcome email, explored in more detail on the page How do I send a welcome email to parents?

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