How do I assign homeroom instructors to their students?

Assigning homeroom instructors to students in SchoolInsight provides expanded reporting and filtering capabilities. After homeroom instructors are assigned to students, you can generate homeroom lists, print the name of the homeroom instructor on report cards, and also filter reports by the homeroom. Furthermore, you will be able to filter students by homeroom to narrow down student selections such as when adding students to rosters, entering lunch orders, etc.

To enter the homeroom instructor en masse:

  1. Admin Main > Students multi-view > Mass Edit
  2. Select a Grade Level in the grade level filter at the top of the page
  3. Select a Homeroom teacher to assign to students in the chosen grade level
  4. Scroll down past the data fields to the list of students
  5. Select the students who will be assigned to the selected homeroom teacher
  6. Save

To enter the homeroom instructor for an individual student:

  1. Admin Main > Students Single View > Edit Student
  2. Select a Homeroom Instructor
  3. Save

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