How do I add comment lists to report cards?

In SchoolInsight, district or school admins can create comment lists for use on progress reports and report cards. These lists allow instructors to choose comments from a list instead of typing them one at a time. This allows the school to have a meaningful and streamlined communication with parents. Choosing comments from a populated list also saves time for instructors. These comment list types are referred to as progress report lists. For further reading on other comment list types, please click here.

District Admins have the ability to create a progress report comment list that will be available to all schools in the district. Since it is a district created list, it cannot be edited or removed by schools.

To create a progress report comment list as a district admin:

  1. Go to SD Admin Main > Options > Comment Lists > Create New Comment List
  2. Give the comment list a Title
  3. Save and Add Comments
  4. Enter a comment Description
  5. Save or Save and Add More

School Admins can create a comment list on a report card item. The item’s type should be Standards-based Grades or Give Letter Grade, Score and/or Comments. For more information on the different report card item types, please click here.

To create a comment list on a report card item as a school admin:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Report Card Item Lists
  2. Click Report Card Items next to the list you wish to add a comment list to
  3. Edit or create a new item by clicking Create Report Card Item
  4. Choose the appropriate Type
  5. Write Comments: Select to display comment options
  6. Comment List:
    • Choose an existing comment list
    • Create a New List from the dropdown
      • Type a descriptive Name of New List
  7. Can Give Multiple Comments: Allows instructors to select more than one comment
  8. Save

Once comments have been saved to the list, the admin will be directed to the comments page for the newly created progress report comment list:

  1. In Description, enter the first comment in the list
  2. Save or Save and Add More

After the district or school admin has created a progress report comment lists, the instructors will be able to choose comments from that list when inputting progress report or report card grades.

To enter progress report or report card comments as an instructor:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Tools > Report Cards
  2. Select subjects or students
  3. Click on enter grades
  4. Select a comment or multiple comments
  5. Save
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