How do I customize a comment list?

This article explains the available comment list types in SchoolInsight and how school admins can customize them. Once set, comment lists allow instructors to select comments to use them in the gradebook, while writing behavior logs, or when entering report cards and progress report comments. This saves instructors time and streamlines communication with parents.

There are three comment list types:

  1. Scores
  2. Behavior Log
  3. Progress Report

To customize a comment list:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Options > Comment Lists
  2. Choose the appropriate list and click comments
  3. To change an existing comment, choose edit or delete
  4. To create a new one, select New Comment
    1. Enter the comment in Description
    2. Save or Save and Add More
  5. After adding new comments to a list, select refresh to push those comments to teachers’ personal lists


Comments created in this list pertain to student academic progress and will appear for use in the instructors’ gradebooks. This comment list is a default SchoolInsight list and cannot be removed.

Instructors can save time by selecting comments when entering assignment grades:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Standards-Based Scores or Scores/Comments
  2. Click on the symbol underneath the learning target or assignment
  3. Select Enter Scores or Mass Enter Scores
  4. Choose the appropriate comment from the drop down
  5. Save or Save & Send Email

Behavior Log

These comments will appear for use when an instructor creates a behavior log. This is a default SchoolInsight comment list and cannot be removed.

Instructors can save time by selecting comments from a list:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Tools > Behavior Log > Create Behavior Log
  2. Click on Show Comment List
  3. Select a comment or multiple comments
  4. Save or Save & Send Email

Progress Report

These comments are used on progress reports and report cards. For further reading on how to create and add comments to report card items, please click here.

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