How do I copy classes to a new academic year?

This article discusses how to copy classes from one academic year to another. Classes are primarily copied when setting up a new academic year. If the majority of classes offered do not change from one academic year to another, classes can be copied from the current academic year into the future academic year to save setup time. Any small differences can then be changed by editing the copied classes in the new academic year.

To copy classes to a new academic year:

  1. Admin Main > Classes/Sections
  2. Switch to the academic year classes will be copied from
  3. Copy Classes
  4. Select classes to copy
    • All classes are selected by default
    • To select specific classes, hold the CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) key and click on the classes to select them.
  5. Select the academic year to copy to
  6. Check Create grading periods if necessary - if this option is unchecked, the system will not allow classes to be copied to an academic year without grading periods
  7. Copy

Classes can also be copied into a future academic year when copying schedules. If a school is copying cycle days and bell schedules from an old into a new academic year, classes and sections can be copied at the same time.

To copy classes while copying an existing schedule:

  1. Admin Main > Scheduling > Copy Schedule
  2. Check Classes/Sections
  3. Copy Schedule
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