How do I rollover student starting balances to the next academic year?

SchoolInsight provides a way for schools to rollover student account balances from one year to the next. This is generally done at the end of a school year. Once the rollover is completed, the entire balance is moved to the next academic year and the account balance for the current academic year is zeroed out.

All charges and payments for the current year need to be entered prior to rolling over accounts.

Before rolling over account balances, promote students to the next academic year. For details on how to promote students, click here.

To rollover student account balances from the current to the next academic year:

  1. Goto Main > Tuition/Fees > Account Rollover
  2. Confirm that the Current Academic Year is selected
  3. Confirm that the Mode is set to Students
  4. Select the Account for which you want to rollover balances
  5. Select a Current Grade Level if you want to rollover balances by individual grade levels, otherwise leave it as defaulted to All. When selecting a grade level, make sure to match the current grade level to the current academic year.
  6. Select the School to which you want to rollover balances. You may rollover balances to any school in your district.
  7. Make sure that the Next Academic Year is set to the year into which balances will be rolled over.
  8. Select the student accounts to rollover. Click the box under Rollover? to select all students in the list. To select only some students, click the box to the left of their name.
  9. Enter notes in the area provided to document transaction details
  10. Click Rollover Accounts

Repeat steps 4 through 10 for remaining accounts

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