How do I handle an admin leaving the school?

SchoolInsight admin accounts provide access to student information for administrative staff. This typically includes but is not limited to superintendents, principals, secretaries, nurses, counselors, and so forth. When a person with a district or school admin account is no longer employed or that person moves to another position that does not require access to SchoolInsight, the best thing to do is to inactivate the person’s admin account. Inactivating an account disables the account login and reduces the number of licenses used.

School district admins can modify district admin accounts.  To inactivate a district admin account:

  1. School District Admin Main > District Admins > edit
  2. Set Active to no
  3. Save

School district admins, as well as school admins with the proper permissions, can modify school admin accounts.  Furthermore, school admins are restricted to modifying accounts in their same school.

To inactivate a school admin account: 

  1. School Admin Main > Admins > edit
  2. Set Active to no
  3. Save

If there is another person who will be continuing in the role of the person who left, create a new district admin or school admin account for that person.

Note that deleting accounts and changing names and email addresses on accounts is never a good practice. Our recommendation for accounts that are no longer needed is to mark them inactive instead of deleting and to create new district admin and school admin accounts when needed.

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