How do I create an online assignment?

One advantage of having an online gradebook is the ability to give students assignments to complete online. Instructors with the TeacherEase module can create online quizzes, online documents, file uploads, peer reviews, or teacher led discussions.

To create an online assignment:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Assignments
  2. Create Assignment
  3. In the field Traditional Offline Work vs Students Complete Online, choose one of the online options:
    1. Online Quiz
    2. Online Document
    3. File Upload
    4. Peer Review
    5. Teacher Led Discussion
  4. Fill out the rest of the information, including the assign date, due date, which students this assignment is for, and how the assignment should be graded.
  5. Save

Online Quiz

When creating an online quiz, the instructor will need to create at least one “item” (i.e. question). TeacherEase supports seven item types:

  • Essay
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Matching
  • Multiple Choice
  • Ordering
  • Short Answer
  • True-False

Online quizzes may use a mix of any of the different item types. Except the essay, all item types are autograded. Instructors may create a quiz using a mix of item types. Each question has three required fields (except the essay, which doesn’t have a correct answer):

  • Possible Points
  • Question Text
  • Correct Answer used for autograding

Instructors may also opt to display a Hint to students while they are taking the quiz, enter a Solution Displayable to Students after they have submitted their work, or Add Media to a question.

When using standards-based grading, instructors may assign a single learning target to each item using the set learning target link.

Online Document

There are three types of online documents

  • Upload and convert existing document - Instructor uploads a file; the system converts the file and presents students with a rich text editor allowing them to write over the top of the document
  • Create a new online document - Instructor creates the online document in TeacherEase and the students type in that document.
  • Students start with a blank document - Students start with a blank page and create the document in TeacherEase.

File Upload

The file upload assignment creates a space for students to upload a document. This is a convenient way for students to upload essays, PDFs, spreadsheets, or media files.

Peer Review

Peer review allows students to comment on another student’s work. Instructors must have already assigned an online document to use peer review assignments. When creating the assignment, the instructor decides how many reviews each student must leave. The option “Student names are hidden” hides the name of the owner of the assignment; the reviews are not anonymous.

Teacher Led Discussion

Instructors can create an area for an online discussion. The teacher writes a topic for discussion, and students post public comments visible to the teacher and other students in the class. Threaded comments allow for multiple areas of discussion. Students cannot remove comments once they have been posted, but the teacher has access to moderate the discussion.

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