How do I setup account codes to handle account reconciliation better?

This article describes how to add financial account codes into SchoolInsight so that WePay bank deposits can be associated with your financial accounts on the Deposit Reconciliation Report.  The ability to view deposits by financial account code will allow you to directly correlate WePay deposits with your financial accounts, hence, making it easier to track and reconcile your account deposits.

To see deposits that are summarized by your financial account codes:

  1. Add Account Codes
  2. Generate the Deposit Reconciliation Report

Add Account Codes

Account codes from your financial software can be entered for each of your account categories in SchoolInsight.   To add account codes to your categories:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Tuition/Fees > Accounts
  2. categories next to the account that you wish to add account codes for
  3. edit a category and type the associated Account Code for the selected categoryenter_account_code.PNG
  4. Save
  5. Repeat steps 2 thru 4 for all account categories 

Generate the Deposit Reconciliation Report 

The Deposit Reconciliation Report displays deposits that are made to your bank account by WePay.  In this report, deposit transactions are subtotaled by each financial account code that you have entered into SchoolInsight. As a result, you can directly correlate deposits transactions to your account codes in your financial software, making it easier to reconcile your accounts.

To view bank deposits by account code:

  1. District Admin Main or School Admin Main > Online PaymentsDeposit Reconciliation
  2. Enter a Time Frame to view transactions fortime_frame.PNG
  3. Generatedeposit_reconciliation.PNG
  4. To view a summary of the deposit by account code, click by account codeby_account_code.PNG
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