How do I remove a student that doesn't belong in this academic year?

This article explains the correct way to remove students who have been promoted into your new academic year, but will not be returning to your school.  Also, this could refer to students that have been promoted incorrectly within the same school instead of being promoted on to the next school.  These steps will vary if you are in Missouri, so jump ahead to here to see those instructions.

A student should only be removed using the following steps if they have not yet attended a day of the designated school year.  If they have attended, you will instead give the student an exit date as their last day at the school, so they will be marked inactive from that date onward.

To remove a student from your school when they’ve been incorrectly promoted:

  • Go to Main > Students - Single View and locate the student in question
  • Click Delete Student
  • Choose the academic year from which you would like to remove the student record
  • Delete Student

To give a student an exit date

  • Go to Admin Main > Students - Single View and locate the student in question
  • Click Edit Students
  • Set the last day the student was expected to attend the school in the Exit Date field in the Enrollment Details table
  • Save


In Missouri

If you are in Missouri, students should not be deleted from your school.  Instead, they should be assigned an exit date and exit description.

  • Go to Main > Students - Single View and locate the student in question
  • Click Edit Student
  • In the Enrollment Details section:
    • Enter an Exit Date for the last day the student attended your school
    • Choose the correct Exit Description for this student’s departure
  • Save



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