How do I create a course?

Courses represent an area of study pertaining to a specific subject area, grade level, and rigor.  Courses have predefined attributes which describe the course (ie. title, course number, subject, rigor) and determine characteristics of the course such as the number of credits that a student can earn, grade reporting, state reporting, and scheduling options.

Create a course as a School Admin or School District Admin
Create a course as an SBL User

Create a course from (School District) Admin Main

Admins can create courses from Admin Main or School District Admin Main, depending on the permissions for your district.

To create a new course:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Courses > Course Catalog > Create Course

  2. Fill out the fields with course information.  Any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
    • Enter the title of the course in the Title field.  If your subscription includes report cards, this is what appears on the report card for the class title.
    • Enter the number of credits in the Credits field.  Please note that if a course counts for GPA, it must count for credit.
    • If the course is created at the district, you will see an Availability section. See here for information about setting availability.
  3. In the Grading Periods table, select the appropriate grading period setup.


    • If it is a yearlong course, select Create a single full year course
    • If the course takes place once per semester, such as Fall Algebra and Spring Algebra, select Create 2 courses, 1 for each semester
    • If the course takes place during one grading period, such as 1st quarter, select Create a single grading period course
    • For other course setups, select Other
    • If the course has an exam grading period or a summary grading period, check the appropriate box(es) next to Special GPs
  4. Additional information can be added on a course, such as state course number, grading scale, and course fees.
    • In the Grading Scale tab, you can set the default grading scale for the course.  Next to the appropriate academic year, select the grading mode and grading scale(s).
    • In the State Fields tab, you can enter course information that is reported to the state, such as state course number.
    • In the Misc tab, you can enter a course fee and any additional notes.
    • In the Scheduling tab, you can enter any scheduling requirements for the course, such as grade level constraints, prerequisites, or corequisites.
    • In the Report Card tab, you can select if the course should show on the report card and count for GPA.
    • In the Civil Rights Data Collection tab, you can set any applicable fields for the course.  Read here for more information on CRDC reporting in SchoolInsight.
  5. Click Save & Create Another to create an additional course.  Click Save & Add Learning Targets to create learning targets for the course.  Otherwise, click Save.
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