How do I create a new academic year?

SchoolInsight uses academic years to separate past, present, and future data. Admins will create a new academic year to start managing data for the upcoming school year. This typically occurs towards the end of the current academic year during the yearly rollover process. Summer academic years can also be created to accommodate summer school.

Districts set permissions for whether academic years can be created and managed at the district or school level. This permission can be set at School District Admin Main > Options > School Permissions.

To create an academic year:

    1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Academic Years > Create Academic Year
    2. Academic Year: Select the new year from the dropdown list
    3. Status: Set this to Future if it is not the current academic year
    4. School: Choose which schools to which this year will apply.
      • This option exists only when creating the year at the District Level
    5. School Data to Copy: If previous academic years exist, you will be prompted to select which data should be copied from the latest academic year
    6. Create



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