How do I create a report card?

This article explains how to create a new report card in SchoolInsight.  Report cards are used to communicate progress to students and parents. Additionally, report cards grades affect student GPA and transcripts.  Usually, the school creates new report cards when it first uses the grade reporting module in SchoolInsight or when implementing standards-based learning for a new grade level at the school.  Once report cards are created in one academic year, they are typically copied over to the next academic year.

To create a report card in SchoolInsight:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Define Report Cards
  2. Click Create Report Card
  3. Set the report card options
  4. Save

Things to Consider

There are two major decisions to make that affect how a report card should be created: Whether to create the report card at the district or school level, and whether to scope the report cards by different grade levels.

What’s the difference between district and school report cards?

When creating report cards at the district level, their scope applies to all schools in the district; whereas, creating report cards at the school level limits their scope to the school building in which they were built.  In general, if a school district has a single school building, then it is better to create the report cards at the school level.

How do I scope a report card by grade level?

In some circumstances, an admin can create multiple report cards, each scoped by different grade levels.  Combined schools typically separate students by creating one report card for the middle school students and another one for elementary school students.  Each report card could have its own unique visual layout; moreover, the upper grade level report card could be setup to track GPA in contrast with the lower level report card which would not track GPA.

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