How do I share my assignments with other teachers?

You can easily share your assignments with other teachers in your school or district. Collaborate with your colleagues by sharing your assignments, as well as lessons, units, and digital resources. This article will focus solely on sharing assignments. You can set defaults for sharing so that when creating new assignments, sharing permissions will default to your selected sharing settings.

In order to set up these permissions, you will need to have either the TeacherEase or Curriculum and Lesson Planning (Classic) module. This information can be viewed by one of the School Admins by navigating School Admin > Basic Setup > Instructors.

To set up default settings to share with other teachers:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > LMS > Setup > Sharing Settings > Edit
  2. Default Sharing:
    1. My Colleagues: Select this option to choose specific teachers to share the curricula with
    2. My District: Select this option to share your curricula with any teacher in your district
    3. Everyone - All TeacherEase Users: When this option is selected, the curricula will be shared with any teacher that has a TeacherEase account
    4. My Colleagues: Search by instructor name to add colleagues
  3. Author Information: Select the information you want to display on your shared curricula
  4. Save

Now that the Curricula Sharing default setting has been set, when you create an assignment, the Share with other teachers field will be automatically set to the default.

Teachers can also adjust the sharing settings directly on an assignment. This may be helpful if the teacher has default settings for My Colleagues, but would like to create an assignment that is available to the district. Alternatively, a teacher may have default settings to share, but would like to create an assignment that is not shared. A teacher can also edit an assignment to change the sharing permissions for only that assignment.

To adjust sharing settings on an assignment:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Assignments
  2. Choose the Class or Subject from the dropdown menu
  3. Click Create Assignment or Edit an existing assignment
  4. Share with other teachers: This defaults to the setting you assigned in Default Sharing
  5. To change the sharing mode, select the appropriate setting from the dropdown menuKB_Share_with_other_teachers.JPG
  6. Save Only

Additionally, teachers have the option to Mass Share Curricula. This is a good option if the teacher would like to update the sharing permissions for multiple assignments at a time.

To mass share curricula:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > LMS > Setup > Mass Share Curricula
  2. Choose the Subject or Class from the dropdown menu
  3. Set the appropriate New Sharing Setting from the dropdown menu
  4. Select specific Assignments or Check All Curricula
  5. Save

Read the TeacherEase Content Sharing Agreement here.

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