How do I copy assignments from other teachers?

Teachers can search for and copy assignments from other teachers in their school or district. The same functionality allows them to collaborate with their colleagues on assignments, lessons, units and digital resources. Once a teacher has set up their sharing permissions, you will then be able to search for their assignments and copy them.

To copy assignments from another teacher:

  1. Start by going to:
    1. Instructor Main > Gradebook > Assignments > Copy
    2. Or to Instructor Main > LMS > Search/Copy Curricula
  2. In the Copy From tab
    1. Browse Curricula Shared by Colleagues
    2. Find the instructor you would like to copy assignments from
  3. Choose Curricula
    1. Find and select the assignments you would like to copy
  4. Copy To
    1. Select the Class or Subject you would like to copy to
    2. Choose the appropriate grading period, dates, and grading info
    3. If you do not want grades copied, unselect the checkbox Copy Grades too (for students who are in both subjects)
  5. Select Save

How to Fix Invalid Learning Targets

A learning target is invalid when it is available on the assignment but not on the destination class. When an instructor copies assignments from one class to another, where the destination class does not include some learning targets for the copied assignment(s), then the following warning will be displayed: “Some learning targets are not available in all subjects. Missing learning targets will be marked as corrupt.”  This warning does not prevent the copying of assignment(s) from moving forward. In this section, you will learn the reasons why learning targets are invalid and how to fix this.

Two classes can be sections of the same course, yet not belong to the same learning targets group if they are taught by two different teachers.  For example, two teachers teach an Algebra class (section A and section B), when one teacher copies an assignment from section A to section B. The teacher will then receive the warning message, because these two sections, A and B, are not grouped by learning targets.  While teachers have the ability to group their own classes, they cannot add classes taught by other teachers to their own class’s learning target group.

Similarly, when learning targets are school managed instead of teacher managed, then two courses that do not belong to the same learning target group will receive that same warning message when copying assignments from a section of one course to a section of another course. To solve this issue we recommend adding both courses to the same learning target group.

After the decision to disregard the warning and proceed with copying an assignment, the instructor has a few choices to fix it. The teacher can replace the assignment’s learning targets with the class’s learning targets, or the teacher can remove the assignment’s learning targets altogether and add the correct ones later.

To fix invalid learning targets:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Assignments
  2. Choose your Class or Subject
  3. Click on fix it for any assignment with the warning “*This assignment has learning targets that are no longer valid”
  4. How to Fix:
    1. Replace invalid learning targets with valid ones if you know which learning targets should be added to this assignment instead of the ones currently assigned to it
    2. Remove invalid learning targets This option removes the current learning targets from the assignments, so the teacher can revisit the assignment in the future to add the appropriate learning targets to it
  5. How many entities to fix:
    1. Only this assignment This fix will be limited to the selected assignment only
    2. All entities with the same invalid learning targets Any assignment with the same learning targets will get the exact same fix applied to this one
    3. All entities with any invalid learning targets The same fix will apply to all assignments with the message "*This assignment has learning targets that are no longer valid"
  6. Save

How to Copy Student Standards-Based Grades

When copying student grades while copying assignments, the grades would copy over when the source and destination classes belong to the same learning targets group. When copying grades too is selected, this option copies grades from the source class to the destination class for those students that are enrolled in both classes.  In a standards-based gradebook (SBG) this option would carry over the standards-based grade for each learning target assigned to this assignment.  The condition for the SBG copy to work is to have the classes belonging to the same learning target group; otherwise, the learning targets would need to be fixed after the copy is completed, but fixing the learning targets breaks the connection between the source and destination learning targets.

How to Adjust Grading Properties

When a teacher copies assignments from another class, they have the option to adjust the grading properties, which is located next to the specific assignment. For example, you may copy assignments from a previous year’s class and would like to place certain assignments in a different quarter. Alternatively, a teacher may copy an assignment from section A to section B of the same class, but may want to extend the due date by a few days for section B only. Additionally, a teacher may copy an assignment from another teacher and would like to display students’ scores as points instead of percentages. An instructor can do all that by changing the appropriate settings for the following:

  • Grading Period: This will allow the teacher to change the quarters, trimesters, or other grading period that the assignment is copied to
  • Date: The teacher can adjust the assign and/or due date
  • Grading Info: This option is only available for assignments that give a traditional grade. By selecting show grading info, the teacher can change how the scores are displayed; for example, an assignment that was previously graded on percentage can be changed to display as points. The teacher can also change the total possible points for the assignment. Additionally, you can choose to hide it from parents and students.
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