How do I link learning targets to standards?

When schools implement standards-based learning, they use learning targets in TeacherEase to plan curricula, grade assignments, and assess student performance. Many schools choose to create learning targets in reference to a set of standards created by an outside body (e.g. the state or the district). This alignment of learning targets and standards can be helpful in ensuring that course curriculum matches requirements laid out by a governing body.

Admins can create learning targets that match existing standards, which will automatically link the two, but many schools prefer to create their own learning targets via import or manual entering to use more student-friendly language in grade reporting or so they have a more manageable list of assessments. These learning targets may not exactly match the standards, but they can still be linked together.

To link existing learning targets to standards:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Courses > Course Catalog
  2. Click learning targets next to the course you want to edit
  3. Click edit next to a learning target
  4. In the Standard Items field, check standard(s) to which this learning target should be linked
  5. Save
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