How do I choose the status of an academic year?

Just as admins have the ability to create academic years, they can also change the status of an academic year between future, active, and closed (typically in that order). The academic year status controls data entry and visibility, and this article lists the major functionality differences between these statuses.

To change the status of an academic year:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Academic Years
  2. Click edit
  3. Use the dropdown menu to change the Status field
  4. Save

The rest of article discusses the purpose of each status and how years can be shown to or hidden from parents and instructors.


Future Academic Years

Academic years typically start out with the status future, as they are often created toward the end of the previous year. The future status allows admins to begin setting up the next academic year, with the ability (depending on the school’s permission settings) to hide the year from parents, students, and instructors. Online registration is also typically used in future academic years.

Additionally, there are some actions that are reserved for future academic years. For example, learning targets, classes, and schedules can only be copied to a future academic year.


Active Academic Years

When the academic year has begun, the admin changes the status to active. This ensures that everyone (students, parents, instructors, and admins) has access to that year’s information, and all data can be edited by those with permission to do so.


Closed Academic Years

After the academic year has finished and all report card grades have been entered, the admin changes the status to closed. This allows instructors and admins to view past data, print report cards, generate reports, etc., but it prevents them from accidentally making changes to certain data.

Admins should be aware that closing an academic year does not “freeze” all data. For example, if changes are made to how GPA is calculated on a course, that will change students’ GPA in every academic year, regardless of status.


Access to future and closed academic years

Active academic years are visible to everyone with access to TeacherEase. Closed academic years may be hidden from parents. Future academic years may be hidden from both parents and instructors.

To change which academic years parents can access:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Options > Parent Information Access
  2. Edit
  3. Check or uncheck Future Academic Years and Closed Academic Years
  4. Save

To change whether or not instructors can access future academic years:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Options > Permissions
  2. Edit
  3. Check or uncheck Can see future academic years
  4. Save
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