How do I submit Illinois State Reports?

Illinois public schools are required to submit reports to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) throughout the school year. SchoolInsight provides two methods of submitting ISBE reports; direct upload to the ISBE, or download a file, save it, and then upload it manually to the ISBE’s IWAS website.

Most of the steps regarding generating the reports are the same regardless of how they are submitted to the state. Admins will want to run reports initially at the school level to find data errors and correct them. Once the data is clean, reports need to be run at the district level in order to complete their submission.

The next two sections will outline the common steps for generating a state report.

To run an ISBE report at the school level for data cleanup:

  1. Go to the school’s Admin Main > Import/Export > Export ISBE Files
  2. Select the current academic year, file type (ISBE report), and options (vary by selected file type)
    1. To view all records for the chosen file type, uncheck the option Show only invalid records. This is useful to review all data prior to submitting it to the ISBE.
  3. Preview
  4. Records with invalid data will show the error details in the Status column
  5. Click edit or Mass Edit to correct invalid data in the provided popup window
  6. Save
  7. The page will automatically refresh to reflect the changes
  8. Go back and repeat the steps above for each of your district’s schools for the selected file type

Once your data files are cleaned you must go back to the district admin level to generate the state report.

To run the ISBE report at the district level for submission:

  1. Go to School District Admin Main > Import/Export > ISBE Files > Export ISBE File
  2. School
    1. Select All Schools to submit the file for the entire district
    2. Alternatively, select a single school to submit a report for only that school
  3. Select the current academic year, file type (ISBE report), and options (vary by selected file type)
  4. Preview

Once the report data is ready, choose to either upload the file directly to ISBE, or download the file, save it, and then manually submit it to ISBE IWAS.

To upload the file to ISBE:

  1. From the Preview page, click Upload Directly to ISBE
  2. If any errors still exist you can either continue the upload without the erroneous records, or go back and fix the errors at the school level.
  3. Once the upload is completed you’ll be returned to the ISBE Files page where you’ll see a message at the top indicating that the report was saved and you can view the upload details in the table below.


To download and save the file:

  1. From the Preview page, click Download File
  2. Select Save File in the popup
  3. The file will be save to the default download location for your browser; this is usually your “Downloads” folder


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