How do I mark an assignment's status?

In addition to giving a score to each assignment or learning target, instructors may want to indicate an assignment’s status as Handed In, Missing, Excused, and/or Late. The first three are mutually exclusive options controlled by the Status field, while the Late field is a separate checkbox.

Each of these four options can be used independent of or in conjunction with a score. For example, a student may receive 8/10 and the assignment is marked Late. Another student might get the status Missing to indicate that there is no score to enter yet. The student’s overall average will only be affected if a score is entered.

Handed In/Missing/Excused

The Status field allows an instructor to choose whether an assignment has been handed in or not and whether or not it should count for a grade.




Handed In


The student has turned in the assignment, partially or fully completed. When an instructor gives a score, the assignment is automatically marked Handed In, though the status can be changed.



An assignment was due, but the student has not yet turned it in.



The student was excused from this assignment. Unlike the other options, Excused indicates that the assignment will not factored into the overall average, even if a score is entered.

There are three ways to change the status of an assignment, both on the same pages used to enter scores.

  1. Go to the gradebook (Scores/Comments for traditional grading; Standard-based Scores for standards-based grading), and click the square that represents the specific student and assignment. The instructor can type an H, M, or E into the box. Each letter can be entered alone or immediately after a numerical score (e.g. 10E = a grade of 10, but it’s excused).
    • Note: To use this method with traditional grades, the assignment must be graded as points possible, percentage, or Extra Credit.
  2. When you click a square in the gradebook, a window will pop up that allows you to choose between Handed In, Missing, and Excused. Click the appropriate radio button and then click outside the window to save the choice.
  3. On the Enter Scores page, there is a column labeled Status. Use the dropdown menu to choose one of the three options.


The ability to mark an assignment late is not tied to the Status field. The Late label can be applied whether or not an assignment has been graded, regardless of the status. The label does not affect the grade, but it can serve as a reminder to the instructor.

The option to mark an assignment as late is a checkbox. It can be found in the same areas as the Status field:

  1. In the gradebook, type the letter L where you would enter a student’s score, or type an L after the score.
  2. In the gradebook, click a square. In the window that pops up, check the Late box, and then click outside the window to save your choice.

On the Enter Scores page, there is a column labeled Late. Check the box in that column next to the student whose assignment is late.

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