How do I handle instructor changes in SchoolInsight?

This article explains how admins can manage instructor assignment to classes.

TeacherEase and SchoolInsight functionality relies on correct instructor assignment to classes. As scheduling and staffing changes are made throughout the year, admins may need to add, remove, or replace instructors to ensure that the correct people have access to class data.

Here are some common scenarios an admin may encounter:

  1. Adding an instructor to a class
    • Typically, while working on the next year’s rollover, the admin copies and creates classes before the list of instructors is complete. In such a case, some classes may not have instructors assigned to them yet. Read this article to learn how to add an instructor to a class.
  2. Removing an instructor from a class
    • Sometimes an instructor is assigned to a class by mistake. For example, the music instructor may have been assigned to an art class. In these cases, the admin needs to remove the incorrect instructor from the class. Read this article to learn how to remove an instructor from a class.
  3. Replacing an instructor in a class

All instructors assigned to a class have permission to create, edit, and access data in that class.

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