How do I import learning targets?

The next step in your SBL implementation is to set up your learning targets on your courses. One way to quickly add many learning targets is by using the learning target import feature. This feature allows you to quickly add many learning targets to an SBL group.

Before you import, you will need to create a learning target file in the required format. You can find an example of a properly formatted import file attached at the end of this article.

To import learning targets

  1. Go to Main > Tools > My Committees > View learning targets
    • or Main > Courses > Course - Single View > Learning Targets tab
    • or SBL Main > Learning Targets > search for a course
  2. File Import
  3. Choose the Academic Year
  4. Choose File
  5. Browse and select your learning targets file
  6. Import
  7. Map the data fields in the file to the learning target fields in SchoolInsight
  8. If the learning target file contains learning targets that align with multiple standards, select Enable repeating standard items and enter the maximum number of repeating standard items
  9. Preview
  10. Review the file import
    • If the preview appears correct, choose Import
    • If the preview does not appear correct, choose Back
      • Make adjustments in the file
      • Repeat the import steps starting at step 5

Learning Target Import File Format

To import learning targets from a file, first, create a .csv file with the following columns and data.  Using the exact same column header names is not required; however, the program will automatically map your columns to the database fields for you if the headers match.

Header Name



Learning Target Number


Sequential identifier (ie. 1,2,3 etc)

Learning Target Description


The statement or goal

Parent Learning Target


Used when nesting learning targets under a strand or header learning target

Standard Item Number (repeatable)


Used when a learning target is linked to one or more standards.  Multiple standard item numbers can be added, each in its own column.  Standard Item Numbers have to match standards items that have already been added to the course.


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