How do I change the appearance of the report card?

The appearance of the report card can be customized at the district level or at the school level by using the report card visual layout options.  Visual layout options include logo, header and footer information, page orientation, font size, position of header and more.  For a list of report card layout options that can be customized, click here.   

 To access the visual layout options:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Grade Reporting > (Define) Report Cards > Visual Layout
  2. Student tab
    1. Enter the name of a student in the search box on the Student tab
  3. Header & Message tab
    1. Type the header information that should appear at the top of the report card
    2. Upload a logo and choose the position of the logo
    3. Choose to show a custom message
    4. Check Show Custom Message
      1. Type a custom message
      2. Choose a custom Message Position (At Top, In First Column, At Bottom)
  4. Visual Layout tab
    1. Print Options - Select page orientation, font size, duplex printing
    2. Layout - Select header positioning, grading scale options, and class formatting
    3. Student Data - Select to display student address, birth date, homeroom teacher
    4. GPA, Class Rank, Honor Roll and Credits  - Indicate if the report will display individual grading period data, summary grading period data, and/or cumulative data
    5. Class Data -  Select the type of information that will be printed for each class as well as shading
    6. Which Learning Targets to Show - Select whether to show all learning targets, learning targets with grades in any grading period, learning targets with grades in the current grading period, or learning targets covered in the current grading period (which can be configured as described here)
    7. Format of Teacher Names - Choose how the teacher name is formatted on the report card as well as whether to show only primary instructors or both primary and secondary instructors
    8. Comment Options - Choose whether instructor comments appear on the same line with each class/report card item, at the bottom of the report card, or not at all  
    9. Footer Format - Add a line at the bottom of the page for the student grade level placement for the upcoming year as well as a parent and/or teacher signature line
    10. Misc. Options -  Choose whether to show classes that the student is inactive in as well as whether to show grading scale colors

Report Card Layout Options

Header & Footer


Section at the top of the report card that usually displays the school name and address information


JPG or PNG file of the school logo

Custom Message

Text that can be used to convey a wide range of information.  This could include the school mission statement, a message home to parents, or any other information that is desired.  Custom messages can be placed at the top center of the report card underneath the report card header, in the left column, or at the bottom of the report card.


Visual Layout 

Print Options

  • Orientation
  • Paper Size
  • Font Size
  • Page Margins
  • Duplex Printing


  • Header Position
  • Class Display
  • Number of Columns
  • Show Attendance
  • Show Grading scales
  • On Grading Scales, show percentages
  • Maximum number of rows used for grading scale

Student Data

  • Show Student Number
  • Show Address
  • Show Date of Birth
  • Show Homeroom Teacher

GPA, Class Rank,

Honor Roll and


Grading Period

  • Show Regular Grading Periods
  • Show Summary Grading Period
  • Show GPA
  • Show Class Rank
  • Show Honor Roll


  • Show GPA
  • Show Credits Earned
  • Show Credits Possible

Class Data

  • Only show grades for current grading period
  • Show Class Credits
  • Show Class Sections
  • Shade Alternating Classes/Report Card Items
  • Show Teacher for each Class
  • Show Blank Report Card Items
  • Show "List" Report Card Items
  • Hide Inactive Report Card Items
  • Minimum rows to Widow/Orphan

Which Learning Targets

to show:

  • All Learning Targets
  • Learning Targets with data in any grading period
  • Learning Targets with data in current grading period
  • Learning Targets covered in current grading period
  • Show Learning Targets Numbers

Format of Teacher Names

  • Last Name
  • Title Last Name
  • Last Name, First Initial
  • Title First Name Last Name
  • Show Only Primary Teachers

Comment Options

  • Show comments with class/report card item
  • Show comments at end
  • Do not show any comments
  • Only show comments for current grading period
  • Show class title before comments

Footer Format

  • Show Placement for Next Year
  • Show Teacher Signature Line
  • Show Parent Signature Line

Misc. Options

  • Hide Inactive Roster Entries With No Grades
  • Show Grading Scale Colors


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