How do I transfer a student to a different building during the school year?

When a student transfers from one school building to another within the same district, school admins can use the student promotion functionality in SchoolInsight to complete such transfers.

To transfer students from one school building to another within the same district during the academic year:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Students - Multi View
  2. Use the Academic Year dropdown list on the top right to select the appropriate year the students are moving from
  3. Promote/Transfer Students
  4. Select Transfer students to a different building in the current year


  5. Under Destination School, use the dropdown list to select the building that the student(s) will be transferring to
  6. Enter the appropriate exit and entry information for the student(s)
  7. Scroll down to the Students to Promote table and check the student(s) that are to be transferred
  8. Transfer
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