How do I run reports in my gradebook?

Teachers have the ability to generate reports that show assignment grades, missing work, learning target achievement, student information, disciplinary actions, and attendance.  The reports that are available to an instructor are tailored to the grading mode that the instructor uses (standards-based and/or traditional) and the modules and permissions that are selected at the school.   Click here to see a description of all reports that are available to instructors.

To run gradebook reports:

  1. Instructor Main > Tools > Reports
  2. Click on the name of the report that describes the information needed

The below report menu example shows all of the reports that are available when a teacher is using both traditional and standards-based grading and when all modules and permissions are enabled.  Your menu may be different if you are using only traditional or only standards-based grading or if your school does not have all modules and permissions enabled. 






  Report Name Description  
  Birthday Lists Creates a list of student birthdays for a day, a week, a month, or for the entire year.  
  Check  Eligibility Shows all students in a class that are at or below a threshold.  This report is usually used to highlight students who don’t meet grade eligibility guidelines for participation in extracurricular activities, but may also be used anytime to highlight students who need extra help.  
  Daily Attendance Displays student daily attendance, time in/time out, and notes.  
  Disciplinary Actions Find students who have received official disciplinary actions for a given date.  
  Failed Assignments Displays a list of students.  For each student, the report shows each assignment that the student scored at or below the entered threshold.  
  Fees Displays the fees and payments for the instructor that is logged in.  
  Grading Sheet A grid that contains a row for each student on the roster of a selected class and a configurable number of blank columns.    
  Learning Target Histograms Generates a bar chart which shows the student performance on one or more learning target(s).  
  Learning Target Trendlines Generates a line graph that shows student performance on learning targets over time.  
  Learning Target Coverage by Assignments Displays each learning target for a class and the number of assignments that each learning target is assessed in.  
  Missing Standards-based Grades Displays assignments that have learning targets added but no grades entered for the learning targets.  
  Missing Work Shows all students who have assignments that have been marked as missing.  
  Progress  Report A detailed printable report that can be configured to include class overall grades, assignment grades and comments, progress report comments, attendance, and  missing work.  
  Score  Histograms Generates graphs of student averages or student assignment scores.  Choices are bar charts, stacked bar chart, line, spline, pie chart, trend.  
  Sorted Student Performance Calculate standards-based performance for all students in a course for a learning target (or small set of learning targets). This allows easy differential grouping of students across classrooms.  
  Student Alerts  Displays a list of general alerts and contact alerts that have been entered by the school admin.  
  Student Info Generate a class list of students and basic student information such as grade level, student number, phone, address, contacts.  If available, the report will also display medical notes, alerts, and locker information.   
  Student  Trendlines Displays student performance on assignments over lapsed time.  
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