How do I view the student/parent portal as an Instructor?

Instructors have the ability to see what students and parents see when they log in. This is useful when the instructor wants to see how students and parents view assignments and grades, or if the student needs help navigating their portal to find an assignment.

To view the student/parent portal:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Communicate > Student/Parent Portal
  2. Select a student’s name
    • If your classroom is not self-contained, select the class roster using the “Class” dropdown
    • If your classroom is self-contained, you will not have a dropdown option


  3. Continue to View Student/Parent Portal


After selecting which student you wish to view, you will be re-directed to the student/parent portal for that student. From here, you will be able to navigate the student/parent portal to view the information that they see when they log in.

To go back to your Instructor portal, click Back to Instructor Main at the bottom left of the screen.

Note: Parents cannot see information for all students. They are only able to see information for their student only.

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