How do I create graduation requirements?

In SchoolInsight, graduation requirements are a list of the credits, courses, or tests required of a student in order to graduate from your school.

 To create graduation requirements:

  • Go to Main > Scheduling > Graduation Requirements
  • Click Create Degree and enter a name for the degree

 Once the degree is created, click view, and then click Create Degree Requirements to begin adding requirements.


Once you’re viewing the requirements, you can create any of the following types:

  • Overall credits - the total number of required credits to graduate
  • Required credits in a subject area(s) - the total number of credits required from any one department or area of study i.e. Mathematics.

  • Required credits within a set of courses - this is used when a student needs to take one or more of a certain set of classes in order to graduate.  For example, a student may need to take a credit in history, and can take either a world history, a US history, or a state history class to satisfy this requirement.

  • Required course(s) - individual course(s) that are required of every student to graduate

  • Required test - a school-wide or grade-level-wide test required of a student before graduation.  For example, a state constitution test.
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