How do I add transcript test scores?

Once a standardized achievement test is added to the list of transcript tests (click here for more information), test scores must be entered in order for it to be included on generated student transcripts. Scores from different transcript tests, as well as multiple scores for the same transcript test, can be entered either manually or imported en masse.

To manually enter test scores:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Transcript Test Scores
  2. Scores can be manually entered by student or by test. Use the Mode dropdown list to select the method you want to use.
    • To manually enter test scores in Student mode:
      1. In the Search bar, type in the student’s name and select their name from the list
      2. Enter Test Scores

      3. Select the test using the dropdown list
      4. Enter the test date and the scores for the student
      5. If additional test scores need to be added, click on the plus (+) sign on the right-hand side and repeat the previous two steps
    • To manually enter test scores in Test mode:
      1. Select the test from the Transcript Test dropdown list
      2. Display the students who have taken the test by using the Grade Level dropdown list
      3. Select the test date at the top using the text field with the calendar icon
      4. Enter the test scores for one or more students
  3. Save

To import test scores from a Comma Delimited (.csv) or Tab Delimited (.txt) file (see attachment below for template):

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Transcript Test Scores
  2. Use the Mode dropdown list and select Test
  3. Select Import Test Scores
  4. Set the appropriate options for your import file
  5. Under Student Fields, add/remove and reorder the selected fields to match those in the import file
  6. Preview
    • Any inconsistencies between the import file and the settings will be listed on the preview page. You may need to correct the import file or modify the settings.
  7. Submit


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