How do I print report cards?

Report cards can be generated in the Grade Reporting module or in the Students - Single View page.  Before generating report cards, you’ll want to make sure the grading period statuses on the report card are marked correctly.  For more information on how to update the grading period status on report cards, click here.

To generate report cards in the Grade Reporting module:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Generate Report Cards
  2. Select the desired report card from the drop-down list in the top left corner
  3. For schools using course-based report cards:
    1. Select who you would like to generate report cards for under Who To Show
    2. Select how you would like the report cards to be sorted under Sort Student By
    3. Select the appropriate Current Grading Period
    4. Generate Report
  4. For schools using classic report cards:
    1. Select the appropriate display settings.  A few common display settings that schools will set include:
      • Grading Periods - Show a specific grading period or all grading periods
      • Comment Options - Show comments next to each class or at the end of the report card
      • Misc. Options - Various options to show school information, attendance, grading scales, etc.
    2. Check Save these settings at the bottom
    3. Generate Report

To generate a report card in Students - Single View:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Students - Single View
  2. Search and select the student
  3. Select the Grades tab > Report Cards
  4. Select the desired report card for the student > Generate Report Card


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