How do I add a transcript test?

Scores from standardized achievement tests, such as the ACT or SAT, can be included on student transcripts. To do so, district and school admins must add the tests to the school’s list of Transcript Tests, along with one or more data points that correspond to the test’s score structure.  The ACT is included on the list of Transcript Tests for your district/school as an example.

To add a transcript test:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Transcript Tests > Create Transcript Test
  2. Fill in the Title field with the name of the test
  3. Save
  4. Next to the newly created test, click data points > Create Data Point
  5. Fill in the appropriate information for the data point.  Multiple data points can be created per transcript test, if needed.
  6. Save

Once entered, a transcript test can be marked “active/inactive,” and its data points can be modified by clicking the associated edit link and entering the appropriate information.

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