How do I complete CRDC incident data?

Discipline incidents are summarized in the Student Discipline, Offenses, and Harassment or Bullying sections of the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) report.  In addition to discipline incidents, these sections also draw from configurable settings (Incident Types, Action Types) as well as from the following student data fields: Grade Level, Race/Ethnicity, LEP, Disability, and Gender.  For directions on how to update configurable settings and student data fields, click here.  

To add a discipline incident with CRDC related data:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Discipline > Discipline Incidents
  2. Create Incident
  3. Enter the following incident data
    • Incident Date
    • Behavior Observed and Referred By
    • Incident Type
    • Incident Considered Harassment or Bullying and Reason for Harassment (if appropriate)
  4. Enter the following student data
    • Offender or Victim
    • Student Name
    • Click add an action
    • Choose an Action Type and enter all necessary data fields
    • Select Add More Students to add additional students involved in the incident
  5. Save
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