How do I set up CRDC Action Types?

All public schools are required to submit the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) report. A portion of the CRDC report summarizes data by discipline action type. When a public school has subscribed to the discipline module, school admins can edit discipline action types to link them to CRDC action types. Additionally, the school admin can choose to exclude the action type from the CRDC report altogether.

To link discipline action types to CRDC action types:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Discipline > Action Types
  2. Edit each action type
  3. Select the appropriate option for Reported on CRDC as
    1. If the action type will not be included in the CRDC report, choose Not Reported on the Civil Rights Data Collection
    2. If the action type should be included in the CRDC report, choose the description that applies to the discipline action type
  4. Save


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