How do I create a group?

Groups are used for the purpose of generating reports and communicating with several students at once.  For example, a group could be created for extracurricular activities such as the chess team, for events such as a school trip, etc.  School admins usually create the groups and maintain group memberships; however, if the instructor permissions allow it, teachers can also create and manage their own groups.

School admins and instructors take the same steps to manage groups:

To create a group:

  1. Go to Main > Tools > Groups > Create Group
  2. Give the group a description
  3. Optionally, you may assign instructor(s) to this group
  4. Save & Add Students
  5. Select all students to be added to the group
  6. Save

To add/remove students to/from an existing group:

  1. Go to Main > Tools > Groups
  2. Click on members next to the group title
  3. To remove individual students from the group
    1. Select delete next to the student name
  4. To remove many students from the group at one time
    1. Click on Mass Delete
    2. Select the students to be removed from the group
    3. Delete
  5. To add students to the group
    1. Click on Add Students to Group
    2. Select all students to be added to the group
    3. Save

To allow teachers to manage groups:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Options > Permissions > Edit
  2. Select the Can modify groups permission
  3. Save
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