How do I add a single student to multiple class rosters?

The class roster is a listing of students who are assigned to a specific class.  Teachers can enter assignment grades, attendance, and report card grades for students who are on their class rosters.  Therefore, once a student is added to the school enrollment, you also need to add the student to class rosters.  This article explains how to add a single student to multiple rosters.  It is most useful for when you are adding a single student to one or many classes.  Conversely, to learn how to add many students to a single class roster, click here.

To add a student to rosters:

  1. Admin Main > Student - Single View 
  2. Type the name of the student and select the student from the drop-down list
  3. Rosters tab or Scheduling tab > rosters link
  4. Add Student to Rosters
  5. Enter an Instructor Name, Course Grade Level, or Course Name to filter the class list
  6. Select all of the classes that the student should be added to
  7. Save
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