How does an admin create classes?

Classes are sections of courses that teachers and students who typically meet at the same time may be assigned to. Once a teacher is assigned to a class and students are added to the class roster, the teacher can access the classes to enter attendance, assignments, and grades for the rostered students.

Courses must always be created before classes. Some settings, such as the number of credits and the grading scale, are controlled on the course. Other settings, such as whether or not attendance is taken, are controlled on the class.

Admins can create one class at a time or quickly create several classes at once. Creating many classes allows admins to set up several classes quickly, editing additional options later.

To create one class:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Classes/Sections
  2. Create Class
  3. In the Course field, start typing the name of course. Select it from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter a unique Section ID
  5. Select the Grading Periods this class belongs to
  6. Select an InstructorWhen using state reporting in Illinois or Missouri, also enter
    • Role of professional / Position Type
    • Teacher Start Date / Assignment Start Date
    • Teacher Exit Date / Assignment End Date
  7. Select additional class options
    • MOSIS Fields (if doing state reporting in Missouri)
    • Take Attendance
    • Take Lunch Count
    • Hide from Parents
  8. When using more advanced scheduling features, also enter
    • Team
    • Period of the day
  9. Save

To create many classes:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Classes/Sections
  2. Create Many Classes
  3. Use the Add More button to add more "new class" templates
  4. In the Course field, start typing the name of course. Select it from the dropdown list.
  5. Select an Instructor
  6. Enter a unique Section ID
  7. Save

Section Name Suggestions

Unique section names are required when there will be more than one class per course. If your school does not already have a nomenclature or a numbering system for sections, consider using room numbers, teacher last names, sequential numbers, grading period, and/or period of the day for section names. See below for examples of section numbers that are unique and useful for when browsing sections.

Daily Schedule Subjects Use Example
Elementary - self-contained core subjects Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies Homeroom Teacher Name or Sequential Number SMITH or SMITH-AM, SMITH-PM, or 1,2,3, etc.
Elementary - specials Art, Music, Phys Ed, Technology, Language Homeroom Teacher Name SMITH or SMITH-AM, SMITH-PM
Middle School/High School - Students follow a bell schedule and courses are taught by various teachers.  Social Studies, Science, Math, English, Art, Foreign Language, Phys Ed  Course number-Sequential Number SS-1, SS-2, LA-1, LA-2, etc.
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