How do I create an account for a new instructor?

Instructors have access to their own personal gradebook, which includes their class information and the ability to create and grade assignments.

To create an instructor:

  1. Go to School Admin Main > Instructors > Create Instructor
  2. There are two options when creating a new instructor:


    • Create a new employee
      1. If the incoming instructor is someone whose information is not yet added into SchoolInsight, select Create a new employee
      2. From there, enter the employee’s information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
    • Use existing employee
      1. If the incoming instructor already has a school district admin or school admin account, select Use existing employee and type in the employee’s name into search box
      2. Select their name from the list and their information will populate into the form
      3. When creating an employee using this method, if that employee already has login access to SchoolInsight, they will be able to log in using the same email address and password that they currently use. Otherwise, you will have to input their email and set a temporary password for them to log in.
  3. There are several additional fields when creating an instructor: Self-Contained, Modules, Highly Qualified, Tutorial Type, and Employee Number. For further explanation, see below.
  4. Click Save & Add Another to add another instructor. Otherwise, click Save Only. 



  • If the instructor spends most or all of their time with the same group of students across multiple subjects (i.e. kindergarten teacher), select Yes.
  • If the instructor spends most or all of their time teaching different students for a single subject (i.e. high school math teacher), select No.


There are 4 different module options available when creating a new instructor. This determines what the instructor will see and have access to when they log into their instructor portal. Those listed may be dependent on your subscription:

  • TeacherEase
  • Gradebook (Classic)
  • Curriculum and Lesson Planning (Classic)
  • None

Highly Qualified

Select Yes if the instructor is highly qualified to teach school curricula based on state and NCLB requirements. Otherwise, select No.

Tutorial Type

Select Yes to enable an optional tutorial offered to new instructors that guides them through both setup and general use. Otherwise, select No.

Employee Number

Unique identifier that cannot be used for more than one employee

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