How do I create a new permission template?

Permission templates determine what information can be accessed by a school admin. They are assigned when creating an account for a new school admin, and can be changed at any time.

To create a permission template:

  1. Go to School Admin Main > Admins > Permission Templates > Create Template
  2. Type in a name for the permission template in the title field. Examples include: Discipline, Lunch, Nurse, etc.
  3. Select the appropriate view/modify permissions for this template. For further explanation, see below.
  4. Save

By default, SchoolInsight provides three default permission templates:

  • Super User (this template cannot be modified or removed.)
  • Attendance Only
  • Principal


Create new templates that are customized to fit your school’s needs. Based on the employee’s role at the school, select which information in SchoolInsight is viewable and/or modifiable to them.


When modify permissions are selected, view permissions are automatically enabled. However, when selecting view permissions, this does not automatically enable modify permissions.

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