How is daily attendance calculated using secondary mode - calculate daily attendance at end of day?

In SchoolInsight, there are two types of attendance: Period Attendance and Daily Attendance.   

  • Period Attendance is taken by instructors for their specific classes and only shows a student's attendance value for a specific class/section or period of the day.
  • Daily Attendance is controlled at the admin level and is the most important kind of attendance. A student’s daily attendance value reflects their overall attendance for the entire school day. Daily attendance is the attendance that shows up on report cards, transcripts, and various state reports. 


There are two modes that can be used to calculate daily attendance depending on the school’s setup and needs. Secondary Mode - Calculate Daily Attendance at End of Day uses the students’ period attendance taken by instructors as well as their times in and out throughout the day to calculate their daily attendance value. For example, if a student was present for the first 3 class periods of the day, left school in the middle of the day for an appointment, and then returned for the remaining class periods of the school day, the periods that the student was present as well as the time they left and re-entered the school would all be used to determine the student’s overall attendance for the day.

Secondary Mode - Calculate Daily Attendance at End of Day is most commonly used in high school and middle school settings. In order to calculate students’ daily attendance with the greatest accuracy, schedules must be nearly all correct and complete, and teachers must consistently take attendance every period.

 When using this attendance mode, at the end of the school day admins must calculate the students’ daily attendance. To calculate the daily attendance in Secondary Mode - Calculate Daily Attendance at End of Day:

1. Go to Admin Main > Attendance > Period Attendance Console

2. Select Calculate Daily Attendance

3. If you would like to prevent instructors from modifying their period attendance for the day after calculating the daily attendance, select Prevent Instructors From Changing Period Attendance


4. Select Calculate Daily Attendance

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