How do I make report cards visible to parents?

In order to make the report cards visible to parents, you will need to modify three settings: parent information access, report card visibility, and report card grading period status.  To make these modifications, you’ll need to be able to log in to the level where your report cards are controlled. If they’re controlled at the school level, you’ll need to be a school admin, and if they’re district controlled you’ll need to log in as an SDAdmin.

1.  Update Parent Information Access

a.  Go to (School District) Admin Main > Options > Parent Information Access

b.  Make sure that the report cards permission is set to Yes

c.  Save


2.  Make sure the report card is visible

a.  Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Define Report Cards

  • Or go to School District Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Report Cards

b.  Edit the report card and select the Visible to Parents option

c.  Save


3.  Mark the grading period as Complete

a.  Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Define Report Cards > grading period status

  • Or go to School District Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Report Cards > grading period status

b.  Once instructors have entered all report card grades, the report card grading period needs to be marked as Complete in order to publish the grades to the parent portal

c.  Select Allow parents to generate report cards for "Complete" grading periods

d.  Save


Parents at your school should now be able to see the report card grades for these completed grading periods.

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